Friday Specials 6-14-19


~~Spinach and Egg

~~Chicken Escarole and Bean


~~Baby Kale and Quinoa salad- baby kale tossed with a lemon honey vinaigrette with sliced radishes and carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pistachios topped with quinoa, mandarin oranges, and gorgonzola cheese.

~~Stuffed Belgian Endives- Belgian endives stuffed with mandarin oranges, goat cheese, and pistachios drizzled with honey topped with fresh parsley.


~~Swordfish Francaise-Swordfish pan seared in a lemon white wine butter sauce.

~~Stuffed Braciole- Hamburger, sausage, bacon, and pork with romano cheese, red onion, and scallions wrapped with thinly cut veal and topped with our own house red sauce served over penne.